Knockout Washout for Ricky Hatton

Car wash fire fighters raising funds for the Fire Fighters Charity

Hitman supports largest UK National Car Wash

Boxer Ricky Hatton is getting all in a lather for The UK's largest charity car wash! Ricky is endorsing the event which takes place on Saturday 13th September, in which drivers across the UK have the chance to brush up on their knowledge of home fire safety, whilst receiving a gleaming polish for their cars from local fire fighters.

Sponsored by Autoglym, the fundraising event will see thousands of fire fighters across the country lining up outside local stations across the UK with buckets and sponges. The day provides drivers with the opportunity to receive a shampoo and polish for their cars, along with the opportunity to make a charity donation upon exit. Fire Fighters will be collecting donations for The Fire Fighters Charity - the official organisation which exists for injured fire fighters during their times of need, assisting over 13,000 individuals every year by providing pioneering treatment and support services.

Of course, whilst the entire nation will be waxing lyrical about their spotless cars, there are two very serious reasons to why this annual event is taking place across the UK. Despite fire fighters best efforts, brigades see first hand how fire can destroy lives and devastate communities on a daily basis. By learning more about safety around the home, lives can be saved. The other reason is to raise essential funds for The Fire Fighters Charity in order to continue to support those in need.

Business Development Director for The Fire Fighters Charity, Chris Burghes said; "The Charity is delighted that Ricky is supporting its cause. The Fire Services are extremely well trained and well-respected in the UK, however accidents do happen, with injury and even death potentially around the next corner. The Charity is here to support these injured fire fighters when they need support, helping them get 'back in the ring' as soon as possible."

Ricky 'The Hitman' Hatton said: "I applaud the bravery of the Fire Fighters who routinely put themselves in harm's way, making split-second decisions to save lives. They are the ones jumping into a burning building when everyone else is jumping out.

The Fire Fighters Charity helps support these undisputed champions, both physically and emotionally, enabling them to return to work faster. By stopping to have your car washed on 13th September, you can help raise greatly needed funds for the Charity, whilst also educating your family about fire safety. By taking a little more care in the home, we should be able to knock-out accidental fires altogether, leading to fewer accidents and, ultimately, fewer innocent deaths!"

All of the shampoo for the National Car Wash Day has kindly been donated by leading car care player – Autoglym.

3rd September, 2008