Man and dog rescued from cliff ledge

a firefighter starts to descend over the edge of a ledge whilst another guides the rope

Shropshire Fire & Rescue Service Fire Control received a call at 08:40 to a man and his dog trapped on a cliff face in Nesscliffe Hill Country park.

Mr Keogh from Bomere Heath returned to the park this morning after losing his dog the previous night. Mr Keogh found Fenn shivering on a ledge and attempted to rescue Fenn, when he himself became stuck.

A crew from Baschurch using line safety equipment successfully rescued Mr Keogh and Fenn from the ledge and they were both happily reunited with the rest of the family.

Although this incident had a very happy ending the message that the fire service must send out is that members of the public should consider their own safety before attempting any rescue of pets from dangerous situations. 

26th November, 2014