Oswestry firefighters rescue trapped pet

Jake the Jack Russell happy in the arms of owners Steffan Williams and Katie Spence after being rescued by fiefighters, left to right Tim Davidson, James Lewis and Ian Ramshaw

Shropshire firefighters were called out to rescue a dog trapped down a rabbit hole just weeks after getting to the finals of the national Dogs Trust Honours 2011 for a similar animal rescue.

This time it took Oswestry firefighters a relatively short time to free Jake the Jack Russell trapped a metre down a rabbit hole at Weston Rhyn.

Their colleagues had worked tirelessly for three hours to save another dog called Cookie trapped in a myriad of underground rabbit holes near Shrewsbury earlier this year.

In the latest dog rescue, Crew Manager Robin Evans said they were called out by the frantic owners after their pet had gone missing overnight. Steffan Williams and girlfriend Katie Spence, from Llangollen, had been visiting relatives in Weston Rhyn when their pet Jack Russell disappeared.

They had to give up the search as night fell. But heard Jake’s plaintiff cries early the next morning – and he was a metre underground stuck in a rabbit hole.

Firefighters eventually freed the trapped pet using shovels.

Shrewsbury firefighters received their national accolade by the Dogs Trust for their outstanding efforts in taking it in turns for more than three hours to rescue a dog.

1st September, 2011