Paul has spent over 30 years serving his community - could you?

Meet Paul  

Paul has been in the Fire Service for more than thirty years and is still enjoying his career with Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS). 

In 1991 Paul was working a chef and felt stuck in a rut, in need of a new challenge. 

“I looked at the role of a firefighter as a job with high esteem, good pay, security and with a lot of job satisfaction,” he said. 

“It also really appealed to me that there was definitely a worthwhile career ladder. It also seemed like an exciting career. I knew a few firefighters at the time and couldn’t believe the incidents they went to.” 

Paul jumped at the chance to apply and has never looked back.  

He added: “When you join the Service you make the best friends you’ll ever meet. The camaraderie is amazing. This is a very physical job and the support from your team really helps, especially when you’re already shattered… they give you the ability to push yourself, make a difference and literally save lives.” 

There are a host of opportunities for firefighters once they’ve joined. Not only is there a clear rank structure, but there are a number of different departments and roles that firefighters can branch into.  

“Since joining I’ve never felt stuck in a rut again. The work is so varied and there are so many other areas you can go into, like training, or fire safety. There is such good career progression. I worked my way up from a Firefighter, to Crew Manager, Watch Manager and temporary Station Manager.” 

Paul retired from firefighting in 2019 but is now a Fire Safety Inspection Officer in the Protection Team in SFRS and is still enjoying continuing to serve his community in a different way. 

“My role involves inspecting premises ensuring that the “Responsible Persons” fully comply with the UK’s Fire safety legislation. Meeting lots of very knowledgeable people and colleagues across lots of different agencies. I work with the EA, CQC, Ofsted, both Local Councils and managers, directors and landlords of many Shropshire based businesses. I am never bored with lots of plate spinning, but I love this element of the Service.                                                                  

“Protecting people as ever, but simply doing it a very different way.” 

If, like Paul did, you feel stuck in a rut in your current job or are looking for a new challenge, we are recruiting for wholetime firefighters. 

There are endless opportunities in the Fire Service. So ask yourself; where could a career in firefighting take you?  

For more information on applying to be a wholetime firefighter and what the role entails visit our wholetime firefighters recruitment page

17th January, 2024