Police warning - keep off frozen lakes and canals

Children playing on an iced-up Shropshire canal, including riding their bikes, have prompted police to repeat warnings to stay off frozen lakes and waterways.

The latest incident happened around 1pm yesterday (Tuesday) when youngsters were spotted on the canal near the bypass bridge in Betton Road, Market Drayton.

A concerned local resident contacted police to say she saw two youths skating on the frozen surface. Officers attended but the youngsters had gone. Nearby workmen said they saw some youths with a bike riding across the canal.

A police spokesperson said people should not go on to frozen lakes, ponds, rivers or canals.

Stay Out Of Danger

"Not only are they risking their own lives but the lives of others who might attempt a rescue if they fall through and get into difficulties.

"It is highly dangerous to go on to any frozen waterway and there have already been tragedies in other parts of the country where people have fallen through thin ice."

Parents are also urged to remind their children to stay clear. "With so many schools forced to close in parts of Shropshire, children are out playing in the snow. It is essential parents warn them of the dangers and to stress they must not be tempted to go onto the likes of frozen ponds or canals," added the police spokesperson.

Today's warning follows an incident last week when police were called to Radbrook Pool in Bank Farm Road, Shrewsbury after reports of youngsters playing on the ice. Again, a concerned member of the public raised the alarm.

Press release from West Mercia Police.

13th January, 2010