Recruiting now - On-call firefighters Prees

Good communication skills together with personal skills such as courage, reliability, determination, common sense, commitment, enthusiasm and the ability to work within a team are useful skills to have.

To be an on-call firefighter you will need to agree a minimum commitment of dedicated time, which could be during the night, at weekends, during the day or a combination of all. Additionally, you must be able to give periods of time in the first few years to undergo essential training.

The job of being a firefighter is quite unique. It can be unpredictable, exciting, and rewarding, coupled with the satisfaction and respect that comes with providing a crucial service to your local community as part of a closely knit, professional team.

You will learn new skills along the way such as firefighting, wearing breathing apparatus, road traffic collision procedures and fire safety, and there are opportunities to learn other transferable skills, such as leadership management, large goods vehicle (LGV) driving, first aid and trauma care and health and safety qualifications.

If you’re interested, there’s lots more information online, you can even pop into your local station on drill nights if you want to have a chat, meet the team and find out more but please be mindful of COVID-19 restrictions and ensure you book ahead by emailing

Drill nights at the station are Thursdays between 7-9pm.


27th August, 2020