Shropshire firefighters extricate student from Harper Adams University in a mock car crash to educate young people about road safety

About 300 first year students from Harper Adams University, Edgmond, Nr Newport, witnessed a crew from Shropshire FIre & Rescue's Newport retained station demonstrate rescue techniques to release a casualty from a scrap saloon vehicle which had been involved in a road traffic collision.
The purpose of the demonstration was to reduce the number of incidents involving young drivers and get a very important message over., said Newport firefighter Martin Richardson.

"We don't want you to end up in this situation in the first place," he told the agricultural students during the mock car rescue in the car park of the university grounds on Thursday evening. (Nov 27)
While the crew released the student casualty by cutting through the car, information on car crashes was given to students on how collisions happen and how people are rescued.

Firefighters talked about the dangers of speeding, alcohol, drugs, peer pressure, mobile phone use, not assessing the road and weather conditions and poor car maintenance. 
Drivers and passengers should also always wear seat belts and designate a non drinking driver.
"If at any time you feel unsafe in a vehicle because of the driver's actions then speak up and ask them to let you out.," said Firefighter Richardson.

"These are things everybody should take into account whenever they drive or are a passenger," he said.

28th November, 2014