Why James became an on-call firefighter.

In 2004 James Lewis, aged 40, joined Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service as an on-call firefighter based in Oswestry Fire Station.

When he applied, he was working the night-shift at a local factory where one of his colleagues was Watch Manager at the fire station.

James said: “Over time he would tell me of the calls he was attending, how the on-call system worked and all the other details of the job. This was something that appealed to me, so I applied for the position of firefighter at the station. The rest is history.”

James still has time enjoy life and takes part in hobbies like long distance running and going to the gym while also being a committed partner and father to two children aged eight and six.

James added: “On-call firefighters have everyday lives and jobs, until their pager sounds then they immediately make their way to the fire station. They don’t work for a back-up team or a second-rate crew. On-call firefighters are professional firefighters, on the front line, saving lives.”

If you’re interesting in becoming an on-call firefighter please visit the careers section of the website.

4th August, 2022