I Learn Privacy Notice

How we use personal information for the Fire Setter Intervention Programme (iLearn) At Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS)

We have a youth intervention strategy which is designed to reduce fire risk and fire crime through education. Our activities include the Fire Setter Intervention Programme known as iLearn, which has been running since 1995 and is designed to support children and young people and their families to prevent further fire setting behavior. The aim of the iLearn is to educate children and young people in general fire safety in the home and the dangers and consequences of fire setting behavior.

Type of Data

We hold the following personal information about those involved in the programme:

• Name, address, gender and date of birth of the child or young person

• Names, addresses and telephone number of family members or carers, and age of siblings

• Information relating to the instances of fire setting (such as referral information, assessment information, details of history of setting fires, dates and details of the interventions that we have carried out.)

• Relevant characteristics of the child or young person, such as special educational needs, behavioral information or disabilities


We use the data to:

• Prevent and reduce fire crime and fire setting by children and young people up to the age of 18.

• Record and evaluate our work • Derive statistics which inform decisions about how we improve safety and support the development of our staff

• Signpost families/ individuals to other services which may help improve safety and wellbeing

• Deliver and manage safety courses and services for young people


Sharing Information

To ensure those involved receive relevant services and we improve our own, SFRS work with other authorities, agencies and partners including;

• Community organizations

• Educational services

• Police and other emergency services

• Health services

• Social services

• Councils

• Other fire and rescue service (Anonymized for research purposes)

With consent, we will share relevant information with partners, to offer further advice and support on safety and well-being. If we identify a safeguarding concern as part of our engagement, where a person is at risk of harm or when criminal activity has been disclosed, we have a legal obligation to work with our statutory partners to safeguard children and vulnerable adults. We will therefore share our concerns with the most appropriate partner.


Collecting and storing this information

Information is collected by phone or email at the time of referral and then by phone, email or in person with the allocated iLearn Advisor. This information is stored on the iLearn SharePoint site and each case is only accessible by the advisors who are allocated the case and the programme coordinator. Once the case is closed, all information relating to the case is removed from the iLearn SharePoint site, and transferred to our database (CFRMIS). When we are obtaining explicit consent for the engagement and collection of information, this will be explained to all parties and requires the signature of the parent or guardian present. The record of this consent is recorded on CFRMIS. All information is stored on a database (CFRMIS)and is subject to our information security controls and policies. Handwritten notes are kept securely to assist the Fire Setter Advisor in carrying out the intervention. Once the interventions have all been carried out, the notes are securely shredded. SFRS will keep iLearn data for 10 years from the last incident. After this time, it will be securely disposed of.

Privacy Notice under the Data Protection Act 2018- I-Learn programme

SFRS are collecting Personal Identifiable Information to enable us to provide you with support under the I-Learn programme. We need to collect this information in order to offer this support. This information is being processed under GDPR 2018 -Article 6 (1)b) and Article 9(1)

SFRS will not share any Personal Identifiable Information collected with external organisations unless permitted or required to do so by law. For further details on the privacy arrangements please view the privacy page on our website.

Further information If you would like any further information about the use, collection or storage of your information regarding the iLearn scheme please contact our Data Protection Officer or the Prevention team manager or visit our website: https://www.shropshirefire.gov.uk/site-help/privacy-policy