Become an on-call Firefighter

What is an on-call firefighter? 

On-call firefighters have everyday lives and jobs, until their pager sounds; then they immediately make their way to the fire station. They don’t work for a back-up team or a second-rate crew. On-call firefighters are professional firefighters, on the front line, saving lives.

Do I have to fit a certain profile?
Our role and workforce has developed and so has our place in the community. Our on-call firefighters come from all walks of life – from stay at home parents and self-employed business owners to shop workers and tradespeople. Male and female. Tall and short. Fitness enthusiasts and cake lovers alike. And most don’t have any previous experience until they apply.

There are just three requirements
You must:

  • Live or work within five minutes of an on-call fire station (this does not include Telford Central fire station)
  • Be over 18
  • Be physically fit (we will support you and give training in this area)

What will I do?
Our on-call firefighters are called out to anything from floods and fires to road traffic collisions or chemical spills; we make sure they are trained to deal with everything from extinguishing burning buildings to providing first aid.

What support will you give me?
From day one we’re here to support you through the process. Our On-Call Recruitment Team will guide you through the entire process, our Fitness Team will support your fitness journey and our Training Instructors will ensure you’re supported during the assessment.

On-call firefighter training and development
Once you’ve passed your assessment process and been offered employment with us you’ll be ready to start training to become an on-call firefighter. This will begin with a two-week training course, which runs Monday – Friday.
After this you’ll attend evening training sessions which usually last for two hours one evening a week for 10 weeks.
After your initial training you’ll of course continue training throughout your career – making sure you’re always up to date and confident in your role.
We are looking for men and women from all backgrounds to join the teams of firefighters in Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service. With excellent rates of pay for training and emergency call outs, plus an annual retaining fee, it’s well worth your while.

An infographic detailing the timeline for training can be found here

Shropshire’s on-call firefighters provide essential fire cover at 22 stations and 20 are staffed purely by on-call personnel. There are two more on-call crews at Shrewsbury and Wellington stations.
The role calls for courage, a desire to serve your community and of course the ability to be part of a close-knit team.

How do I apply?
Read through our on-call information pack, then register your interest in becoming an on-call firefighter. To do this, simply visit the national recruitment website select "Interested?" and complete the short form; our HR team will then shortly be in touch with you. Please note that Telford Central Fire Station does not have an on-call firefighter crew, and does not accept applications.

Recruitment process

  • Online Registration and application form
  • Interview
  • Job related tests  and written tests
  • Medical and fitness test

Successful candidates will be required to complete a Basic Disclosure DBS Check. Details of how to apply for this will be included in offers of appointment. Visit this website for more information on DBS checks. Only candidates offered a conditional offer of appointment will be required to undertake the check.

Are you a woman and considering joining as an on-call firefighter?

We would appreciate a moment of your time to fill out this short survey. You can also leave your contact details with us so we can inform you of future firefighter taster sessions.

Case Studies

Hear from current on-call firefighters about their experiences, and how being a trained firefighter has impacted their lives here

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