Gender reassignment

Gender reassignment is where somebody is transitioning (moving) or has transitioned from one gender to another. It usually involves a process including surgery and hormone treatment (commonly known as a "sex change."), and is for people who feel that the sex they were born into is wrong. This feeling is also known as gender identity disorder. Gender identity struggles usually begin in childhood but can happen for people of all ages.

Transgender (or ‘trans’) is used as a general, non-medical term to describe anyone whose gender identity is different from their physical sex at birth.

Transgender people may transform their bodies through gender reassignment treatment, but not every transgender person undergoes these procedures.

Transgender has nothing to do with a person’s sexual orientation: transgender people may identify as heterosexual, lesbian, gay or bisexual, or as belonging to another form of sexual orientation. Some may not see conventional sexual orientation labels as relevant to them at all.

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Gender Matters 

Gender Matters is based in Wolverhampton, and provides a comprehensive programme of practical support, counselling, advice and information for anyone with any questions or problems concerning their gender identity, or whose loved ones are struggling with gender identity issues.

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