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Subject of Request
Recent Freedom of Information Requests for Finance and corporate governance
Title Released Received Responded
Sky Lanterns Yes 21st July, 2017 8th August, 2017
Budgets Yes 15th June, 2017 22nd June, 2017
First Aid training and Clinical Governance Yes 11th April, 2017 24th April, 2017
Clinical Governance Yes 3rd March, 2017 30th March, 2017
Maverick Spend Yes 8th December, 2016 15th December, 2016
Copy Paper Yes 8th September, 2016 21st September, 2016
HR and Payroll Software Yes 1st June, 2016 23rd June, 2016
Reserves over last 10 years Yes 5th April, 2016 5th April, 2016
Statistics - fire related incidents Yes 25th January, 2016 26th January, 2016
Fires at waste management sites - Cost Yes 16th April, 2014 30th April, 2014


Recent Freedom of Information Requests for Staffing and Employment
Title Released Received Responded
Long term sick leave and leavers Yes 3rd May, 2018 31st May, 2018
Workforce Yes 16th April, 2018 15th May, 2018
Staff headcount Yes 9th April, 2018 4th May, 2018
Pensions Yes 28th February, 2018 9th March, 2018
Mental Health Related Illness Yes 10th January, 2018 7th February, 2018
Complaints Yes 1st January, 2018 22nd January, 2018
Crew Availability Yes 7th January, 2018 24th January, 2018
Vacancies Yes 5th January, 2018 24th January, 2018
Staff Feedback Yes 2nd January, 2018 23rd January, 2018
Rural/Retained Fire Stations Yes 10th November, 2017 7th December, 2018


Recent Freedom of Information Requests for Assets
Title Released Received Responded
Water useage Yes 20th July, 2017 14th August, 2017
Highrise PDA Yes 12th July, 2017 28th July, 2017
Photocopyers Yes 5th July, 2017 13th July, 2017
Grounds Maintenance and Pest Control Services Yes 23rd February, 2017 27th February, 2017
Diesel fuelled generators Yes 22nd February, 2017 16th March, 2017
Facilities management contracts Yes 16th February, 2017 9th March, 2017
Body Worn Cameras Yes 11th February, 2017 20th February, 2017
Fleet Tyres Yes 7th December, 2016 3rd January, 2017
eTender Portal Yes 25th November, 2016 28th November, 2016
Air Conditioning Yes 4th August, 2016 10th August, 2016


No recent freedom of information requests.

Recent Freedom of Information Requests for Incident and Emergency Response
Title Released Received Responded
Retained availability Yes 19th November, 2018 17th December, 2018
Cedar Wood Cladding Yes 15th November, 2018 29th November, 2018
Drones Yes 12th November, 2018 4th December, 2018
Bariatrics Yes 6th November, 2018 28th November, 2018
Animal Rescue Yes 3rd November, 2018 28th November, 2018
Hydrants Yes 25th October, 2018 21st November, 2018
Butane Hash Oil Yes 16th October, 2018 2nd November, 2018
Ambulance Yes 13th October, 2018 7th November, 2018
Audio Recordings Yes 11th October, 2018 31st October, 2018
Number of Calls Yes 10th October, 2018 31st October, 2018


Recent Freedom of Information Requests for IT
Title Released Received Responded
Mobile Phone Contract Yes 10th January, 2018 6th February, 2018
WAN Yes 8th January, 2018 6th February, 2018
Google, Facebook and Twitter Yes 25th January, 2018 29th January, 2018
IT Service Management Yes 8th January, 2018 5th February, 2018
You Tube Yes 9th December, 2017 13th December, 2017
Wi-Fi Provider Yes 25th September, 2017 20th October, 2017
IT Service Management Yes 20th September, 2017 18th October, 2017
Communications technology Yes 13th September, 2016 11th October, 2016
ICT Expenditure Yes 7th July, 2016 25th July, 2016
Telephone Maintenance Contracts Yes 30th June, 2016 25th July, 2016


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