Boost for Fire Safety Campaigns

Deputy Chief Fire Officer, Andy Johnson and PiP Advertising managing director, Neil Oakden unveil the new information pillar at Shrewsbury bus station


A fire service campaign aimed at promoting fire safety and other “safe and well” messages received a big boost this week when it was told it could display its campaign posters free of charge on high-profile advertising “information pillars” in Shrewsbury.

Following talks between Shropshire Fire & Rescue Service and the company that owns the sites, PIP Advertising, the company agreed to waive the thousands of pounds advertising on its pillars would usually cost.

“The fire service is very grateful for such a generous gesture, one that will provide us with prime locations to get our fire safety messages noticed by the public,” said Shropshire’s deputy chief fire officer, Andy Johnson.

New campaign posters have been designed for display on information pillars at the Tesco store in Harlescott, Longden Coleham and Shrewsbury bus station.

PIP Advertising’s managing director, Neil Oakden, joined DCFO Andy Johnson at Shrewsbury bus station on Thursday to unveil the first of the information pillar campaign posters and afterwards said:

“We often work with the emergency services and this was an opportunity to support the fire service and we were happy to do it.”

29th August, 2018